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Many clients of the Law Firm of Badeaux and Associates, work for NASA, the petrochemical, or high-tech industries, family businesses, or are retired, individuals and couples. Representative firm clients include the following:

  1. Neuralog, Inc., Stafford, Tx
  2. Wycoff Construction, Inc., League City, Tx
  3. MJ Leasing, LLC, Cypress, TX
  4. BITS Internet Technology Services, Inc., Houston, Tx
  5. Attorney, E.A. “Trey” Apffel, III, League City, Tx
  6. Dr. Timothy Hughes, Hughes Chiropractic, P.C., Texas City, Tx
  7. James Harvick, III, Brazil, South America
  8. Mr. and Mrs. Steve Katcher, League City, Tx
  9. Mark Stubbs and wife, Merry Ann McRae, Seabrook, Tx
  10. Thomas Sarver and Betty Sarver, Kemah, Tx
  11. Coaching Direct, Houston, Tx
  12. UPS Franchisees, Houston, Tx
  13. Taquerias Arandas Franchisee, Houston, Tx
  14. Roger Leslie, author, Houston, Tx

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