Commercial Real Estate

A law firm experienced in commercial real estate transactions and title matters is indispensable for buying or selling commercial real estate because there is always the potential for friction during negotiations and title issues, either of which cost much more to litigate ($50,000+) than hiring an attorney during the contract, and closing stage ($5,000-$10,000).

The senior attorney’s, Badeaux’s, legal career began in 1982, when commercial real estate transactions were extremely active. She worked for law firms in Houston whose clients were real estate developers and banks, and Badeaux drafted documentation for million dollar deals on a daily basis. In the Clear Lake and surrounding areas, Badeaux and Associates represents clients who develop land for offices, subdivisions, or strip centers; own rental properties; own storage units and other income producing properties.

The Law Firm of Badeaux and Associates is unique in having Badeaux’s experience as a title examiner at Stewart Title in Houston, and as a closing attorney for Commonwealth Title.

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What We Offer

Commercial Real Estate

  • Documentation for strip center development and leasing
  • Undeveloped land transactions
  • Easement issues
  • Title issues
  • Commercial Landlord Tenant

Business Entitles for Limited Liability

  • Limited Liability Companies
  • Incorporations
  • Partnerships
  • Business Entity Structures
  • Joint Ventures

FAQs For Commercial Real Estate

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