Franchise Review

If you are considering purchasing a franchise or want to know your rights in your exist
franchise, call the law firm of Badeaux and Associates which has experience represent
purchasing franchises. The senior attorney, Badeaux, has been a speaker numerous times at the
Houston franchise trade show held at the former Astrohall in Houston, Texas.

Buying a franchise is an enormous decision. Purchasing a franchise may not meet your
personal time commitments or financial demands. Purchasing a franchise requires a large
investment, usually $50,000-$200,000, and generally lasts 10 years, so this would be a
life event and time to hire an experienced law firm that can guide you through the potential

What We Offer

Franchise Matters

  • Review, advise and negotiate franchise documents (200-400 pages)
  • Review uniform offering curricular (UFOC)
  • Advise and negotiate Multiple Territory Agreements

What Makes Us Unique?

The purchase of a franchise generally requires the formation of a company to purchase
franchise rather than personally. Additionally, the franchise may need to have a physical
location, and the franchise may need a commercial lease. The law firm of Badeaux and
Associates is equally experienced in company formation, and commercial lease review as it is in franchise documentation.

For the most common pit falls in purchasing a franchise, see FAQs for purchasing

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