Limited Liability Companies, Sub S corporations, Partnerships

If you are going to own or operate a business, you should consider forming a limited liability company (LLC), or a corporation (C Corp. or S Corp.) because those entities, if operated correctly, can shield your personal assets from company contractual debts and liabilities. An individual can gain benefits from forming a company, and several owners can gain tremendous benefits from forming a company because of centralized management. A general partnership does not provide protection of personal assets.

Hiring a law firm, like Badeaux and Associates, with knowledge and experience in business law and its related matters, should give your company an edge over advice from a non- business lawyer. Badeaux and Associates realizes that maximizing and protecting the value of your company, its employees and products is of paramount importance to you during your lifetime. To that end, Badeaux and Associates will provide you with advice, negotiate on your behalf and prepare all documentations relevant to owning and operating a business.

“Experience when you need it most” is the motto of Badeaux and Associates for its business owner clients. The senior attorney, Badeaux, has represented hundreds of business owners in the Clear Lake and surrounding areas in their corporate entity structure; non-disclosures, non-compete agreements; buy-sell agreements; and employment contracts.

Because of its years of experience, Badeaux and Associates can provide sound legal advice, and individual attention in an efficient and cost effective manner. The attorneys at Badeaux and Associates respect that a business owner’s time is one of its most valuable resources, and our firm accommodates business owners accordingly.

Badeaux and Associates knows that communication between its attorneys and clients is fundamental in implementing a successful strategy to accomplish the clients’ desired objectives. At our firm, an attorney is made readily available to answer client’s telephone calls or emails, and to discuss their business requests, questions or concerns.

Badeaux and Associates has represented clients in Clear Lake City, Pasadena, League City, Kemah and surrounding areas in the industries of light manufacturing, computer software and hardware, NASA contractors, real estate developments, inventions, vast array of retail operations, and franchises. The business owners have been one person LLC’s, companies with 100 employees, companies with annual revenues of $100,000; up to $10 million.

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What We Offer

Business Entity Structures

  • Limited Liability Companies
  • Business start ups
  • Buyouts among owners
  • Closely held business
  • Partnership law
  • Sub S Corporations
  • Buying or selling
    • a company
    • equipment
    • business assets
    • real estate
    • owners shares or units
  • Business enterprises
  • Business planning

Business Documents

  • Operating Agreements
  • Non Disclosure Agreements
  • Non Compete Agreements
  • NASA Contracts

Franchise Matters

  • Franchise review
  • Uniform offering curricular
  • Territory Agreements

Commercial Real Estate Documentation

  • Strip center documents
  • Undeveloped land transactions
  • Easement issues
  • Title issues
  • Commercial Landlord Tenant leases

Estate Planning for Closely Held or Family Businesses

  • Complex Wills if necessary
  • Coordination of multiple or unrelated beneficiaries
  • Transfer of company ownership at death
  • Planning for beneficiaries of business vs. personal assets
  • Disposition of commercial real estate at death

What Makes Us Unique?

In addition to providing the advice, negotiations, and documentation for the life of the business owners, as Badeaux’s clients aged, the firm became intimately familiar with drafting and probating Wills and Trusts for business owners. The firm has drafted hundreds of Wills and Trusts for business owners. Wills for business owners have unique aspects from Wills for individuals. For example, business owners may have different beneficiaries for the business assets than for the personal assets. Business owners may have more than one business to devise to heirs, and they commonly also want to transfer commercial real estate at death. Wills and Trusts.

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