Real Estate Closings

A law firm experienced in closing real estate transactions and title matters is indispensable for buying or selling a house because there is always the potential for confusion related to the major life event of a real estate transaction. Badeaux and Associates has represented over one thousand clients who were purchasing or selling real estate. The attorneys at the firm review the buyer’s closing documents and settlement statement which total 75-90 pages. We advise the clients on the legality of the documents and review the settlement statements for accuracy. Because so many calculations are involved, especially for the buyer who has mortgage company closing costs, it is common for Badeaux and Associates to discover that the buyer was inadvertently overcharged.

What We Offer

Residential Real Estate

  • Draft, review and negotiate documents for purchase and sell of home
  • Review of house closing documents
  • Draft “for sale by owner” documentation
  • Advice on title disputes
  • Draft deeds between family members

Commercial Real Estate

  • Documentation for strip center development and leasing
  • Undeveloped land transactions
  • Easement issues
  • Title issues
  • Commercial Landlord Tenant

Business Entitles for Limited Liability

  • Limited Liability Companies
  • Incorporations
  • Partnerships
  • Business Entity Structures
  • Joint Ventures

What Makes Us Unique?

Badeaux and Associates is uniquely qualified to represent individuals and companies who are buying or selling real estate because the senior attorney, Badeaux drafted hundreds of loan documents for banks and savings and loans for 3 years, before she began her own law firm in Clear Lake in 1986. She knows what provisions to look for in the loan documents to protect buyers. Additionally, Badeaux adds unique experience to the firm because she worked as an title examiner and escrow officer at Stewart Title; therefore the firm is intimately familiar with and can advise sellers and buyers on the title company’s role in the transactions and documentation it asks the parties to sign.

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