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If you are considering having your Last Will and Testament drafted, you should consider seeking the advice of a Clear Lake Estate Planning Attorney experienced in drafting Wills, Powers of Attorney and Directives to Physicians.

For 25+ years, our Clear Lake Estate Planning Attorneys at the Law Firm of Badeaux and Associates has helped individuals and business owners plan for the disposition of their assets and has assisted clients in carrying out their last wishes. Because of their extensive experience, the attorneys at Badeaux and Associates know the right questions to ask the clients to result in a smooth transition to the heirs upon the clients’ deaths.

The firm’s philosophy is to be sensitive to the clients and their issues that can arise when planning for illness or death.

What We Offer Individuals

At Badeaux and Associates, our Clear Lake Estate Planning Attorneys respect all clients. Each and every client, whether large or small, will receive the individual attention and thorough advice they deserve.

Estate Planning

  1. Wills and Trusts
    • For couples, singles and second marriages
    • Simple Wills
    • Wills with trusts for children
    • Wills with credit shelter trusts
    • Revocable living trusts
  2. Advanced Trusts
  3. Family Limited Partnerships
    • For reduction of estate tax and creditor protection
  4. Real Estate Disposition Advice
  5. Probate (Implementation of the Will)
    • Executor appointment
    • Letters Testamentary
    • Asset distribution
    • Harris, Galveston and Brazoria counties

What We Offer Business Owners

Estate Planning

  • Complex Wills if necessary
  • Coordination of multiple or unrelated beneficiaries
  • Transfer of company ownership at death
  • Planning for beneficiaries of business vs. personal assets
  • Disposition of commercial real estate at death
  • Implementation of the Will after death

What Makes Us Unique?

The Senior partner’s, Badeaux’s, prior work experience and volunteer work have given her keen insight, which is unique from other attorneys. Ms. Badeaux adds her wealth of knowledge to the firm’s extensive legal experience.

In addition to drafting hundreds of Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, and Directives to Physicians, Joanne Badeaux was a Hospice volunteer. She sat with patients who were dying and saw, first hand, the family’s use of Medical Powers of Attorney and Directives to Physicians. Because of that, the firm has added or subtracted unique language in the Medical Powers of Attorney and Directives that other attorneys do not. Additionally, most decedents own real estate and Badeaux and Associates has extensive real estate experience.

Will Questionnaire

Frequently asked questions for Wills and Trusts

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